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Soumya Nadar


Amazing. Built to last

It is the best pair of earbuds I have experienced. The gamers would not be disappointed by this. Also the fit is really perfect goes deep in ear and still manages to cause no irritation. The build quality is great. Also once I had forgotten the buds to take out of my pants and it was washed in washing machine. Still works. Calling maybe as such ordinary but for indoor perfect. The only problem is noise canceling as when you are in windy environment you will hear the sound of wind. Just 10/10 for indoors



Amartya Srivastava


Prathap Prathu

The earpods are just awsome, but it would be better when comes to mic during phone call, our voice will be low compared to other Bluetooth earpods.

Yes. Wings Viper comes with IPX5 water and sweat resistance which means you can use them in rains and light splashes. However you cannot submerge them in water so you cannot swim wearing them.

One single charge of earbuds provides 5 hours playtime. With the 400mah charging case you can charge the earbuds for up to 4 times total playtime is 25 hours.

Yes, you can take any one earbuds out of the case and that earbuds will connect to your phone. If during single earbuds usage, you want to use the other one also, you can take out the other earbuds from the case and both earbuds will auto pair with each other.

Yes, you can hear the voice through both earbuds on call.

To pick up an incoming call, just tap once on left or right earbud.

To reject an incoming call, just long press on left or right earbud.

To launch voice assistant just triple tap on the left earbud. Wings Viper supports both Siri and Google Assistant.

There are 2 mics. 1 mic in each earbud.

Firstly, your earbuds need to be connected to your mobile or laptop. Go to the Bluetooth settings in your device. The battery percentage remaining will be mentioned next to your earbuds pairing name.

When fully charged, the charging case lights will go into always ON mode.

No. Wings Viper provides Passive Noise Cancellation through snug fit of the earbuds into the ear cavity to block out surrounding noise.

Yes it is compatible with all operating systems including mobile, laptop, desktop and tabs.

No, Wings Viper does not have any lag issue while gaming it does have gaming mode that is built for professional gaming and the latency that wings phantom has is the minimum which is 65 mili seconds.

To turn On gaming mode on Wings Viper, just triple tap on the right earbud. Triple tap again on right bud to turn it OFF.

To reset Wings Viper, Quickly Tap 5 times on the left or right earbud.