Rs. 1,199 Rs. 4,999
Color: Black


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UPTO 14 HOURS PLAYTIME : 3.5 hours playtime per charge and the case provides 3 additional charges

SINGLE BUTTON CONTROL : Play , pause , changes songs , adjust volume all with easy button operations which don't press on the ear

BASS BOOSTED DRIVERS : 6mm dynamic drivers boosted with extra bass you can feel

COMPACT CASE : One of the tiniest charging cases which you can easily fit in your jeans pocket wherever you go

IPX 5 SWEAT AND WATER RESISTANCE : You can easily work out with these earbuds without worrying about sweat and water interfering with your music

Yes. Wings Slay comes with IPX5 water and sweat resistance which means you can use them in rains and light splashes. However, you cannot submerge them in water so you cannot swim wearing them.

One single charge of earbuds provides 3-4 hours of playtime. With the 470mah charging case total playtime is 14 hours.

Yes, you can take any one earbuds out of the case that earbuds will connect to your phone. If during single earbuds usage, you want to use the other one also, you can take out the other earbuds from the case and both earbuds will auto pair with each other.

Yes you can hear the voice through both earbuds on call.

There are a total of 2 mics. 1 mic each earbuds.

Firstly, your earbuds need to be connected to your mobile or laptop. Go to the Bluetooth setting in your device. The battery percentage remaining will be mentioned next to your earbuds pairing name.

Charging case light indicator:
0% - Both LED are off
20% - LED 1 flashes fast. LED 2 is off
40% - LED 1 flashes slowly. LED 2 is off
60% - LED 1 stays on. LED 2 flashes fast
80% - LED 1 stays on. LED 2 flashes slowly
100% - Both LED stay on

No, Wings Slay provides Passive Noise Cancellation through snug fit of the earbuds into the ear cavity to block out surrounding noise.

Yes it is compatible with all operating systems including mobile, laptop, desktop and tabs.