Phantom 250

Rs. 1,399 Rs. 2,999
Color: Black


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40MS LOWER LATENCY - Designed to ensure lag-free immersive gaming audio throughout the match

30 HR. MEGA PLAYTIME -For pure adrenalin pumping gaming with zero breaks

LED GAMING LIGHT -For a gaming TWS case that bites hard in battle!

BLUETOOTH 5.2 CONNECTIVITY - For faster seamless pairing

DNS MIC WITH NOISE REDUCTION - Be heard always with complete clarity on call and in the game

IMMERSIVE GAME MODE - Dedicated game mode enhances the gaming experience and takes the immersion a level above!

TYPE C POWER - At your fingertips for hassle-free charging every single time.

13mm HD BASS DRIVERS - Designed to deliver every beat or bomb with an extra bang!

IPX5 WATER RESISTANCE - Enhanced IPX5 ensures a TWS that's built to last the long game

INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROL - Get intuitive access to voice assistance in one tap

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No, You can turn on Gaming Mode only by long pressing the right earbud for 2 seconds. This makes your experience uninterrupted as your latency drops down to 40 ms, so that there is almost no lag in audio for the player to completely immerse themselves within the realm of the game.

The playtime in one full charge on the earphones is 8 hours ensuring you remain carefree for power during those long weekend gaming sessions. The total charge along with the case will give you a staggering 30 hours of playtime.

You can. The Phantom 250 comes with IPX5 resistance so that secures the earphones from sweat and water that the pods have to tackle. Moreover, the sleek design makes sure they don’t fall off, while also branding you as a gamer with good taste.

They have a far reaching range of 15 m so that you don’t miss out on callouts and audio cues during those quick bathroom sessions.

The Bass quality which you experience in the Phantom 250 is surreal due to the 13mm drivers and the sound quality doesn’t leak due to the Acoustic Echo Cancellation Feature.

Yes, The Phantom 250 comes with monopod facilities for flexible user experience. The monopod system also makes sure that the other earphone automatically connects if required.

You have to single tap on the right earbud to increase volume. Single tap on the left earbud to decrease volume.

Due to the Phantom 250 including Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the wide compatibility includes all Android, iPhone, and Windows devices.

It is recommended that you use a 5V/1A adapter to charge the case as higher voltage adapters can destroy the battery of the case and earbuds.

You can long press the left earbud for 2 seconds to activate any-voice assistant via earphones for easier access whilst gaming.

For resetting the earphones, just refer to the ”Resetting the Earphones” section in the manual which goes into good detail on this query.

For the first time, please remember to remove the charging protection film pasted on the charging points of both the earbuds. After removing them, you will be able to charge the earbuds through the charging case.

Please ensure that your earbuds are not connected with any other device or phone. If not, then reset or reboot your earbuds for a successful connection with your device and make sure that your earbuds and your phone or device are kept nearer within 1 meter of range.

Please change the ear-tips size to small or large sizes depending upon the fitting in your ears. You can find the small and large size ear-tips inside the box.